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Cyclic Homology by Jean-Louis Loday (auth.)

By Jean-Louis Loday (auth.)

From the reports: "This is a truly attention-grabbing ebook containing fabric for a complete examine of the cyclid homological concept of algebras, cyclic units and S1-spaces. Lie algebras and algebraic K-theory and an advent to Connes'work and up to date effects at the Novikov conjecture. The e-book calls for an information of homological algebra and Lie algebra concept in addition to simple technics coming from algebraic topology. The bibliographic reviews on the finish of every bankruptcy supply reliable feedback for extra analyzing and examine. The publication could be strongly steered to anyone attracted to noncommutative geometry, modern algebraic topology and similar topics." eu Mathematical Society e-newsletter

In this moment variation the authors have additional a bankruptcy thirteen on MacLane (co)homology.

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2. Lie-bracket on H*(A, A). For f E cm(A, A) and 9 E cn(A, A) one defines "composition at the ith place" to be fOig E cm+n-l(A, A): fOig (al, ... , am+n-l) = f (al,"" ai-l,g (ai"'" ai+n-l), ai+n,···, am+n-l) Define I) m fog := _l)(i-l)(n-l) fOig and [f,g]:= fog - (_l)(m-l)(n-l)gof . 1. (b) Show that the bracket [-,-] induces on H*(A,A)[l] a structure of graded Lie algebra. Check that on Hl(A, A) = Der(A) it coincides with the 44 Chapter 1. Hochschild Homology Lie algebra structure of derivations [see M.

Let 0 -+ M' -+ M -+ Mil -+ 0 be an exact sequence of A-bimodules which are flat over k. S. Let A be a commutative algebra and let A C A' be an etale extension. Show that HH*(A') S:! HH*(A) ® AA' . (If A is flat over k use the Tor definition. ) 16 Chapter 1. 2 The Trace Map and Morita Invariance The trace map for matrices can be extended to the Hochschild complex. It induces an isomorphism on homology (Morita invariance). In fact Morita invariance can be proved in full generality. The existence of the generalized trace map permits us to enlarge the set of morphisms of the category of algebras on which Hochschild homology is defined.

9 the S(V)-map n1(v)lk --t S(V) ® V given by d( VI •.. v n ) I-t Ei VI ... Vi ... Vn ® Vi, an isomorphism. In particular, as a k[XI,"" xnl-module, n~[xl, ... ,xnllk is generated by dXI,"" dxn . f1Alk of Differential Forms. By convention we put n~lk = A. The A-module of differential n-forms is, by definition, the exterior product n Alk = AAn~lk . ) It is spanned by the elements aOdal 1\ ... 1\ dan, for ai E A, that we usually write aOdal ... dan. 12 Proposition. For any commutative k-algebra A and any A-module M the antisymmetrization map induces a canonical map: en : M ®A n Alk In particular if M =A --t Hn(A, M) .

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