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Critical Thinking for A2 by Roy van den Brink-Budgen

By Roy van den Brink-Budgen

This paintings presents accomplished assurance of the OCR's new specification in serious considering and it covers a whole diversity of subject matters for devices 3 and 4.

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Perhaps it is even more of a problem with older people in that they might have more opportunities to put their heightened aggressive tendencies to bad use. Why does Wheatcroft say that it is 'sad to relate' that the average age is 28? Is the playing of computer games seen as something that only children should be doing? Given that she is concerned in the rest of the article with the problem of children playing violent games, would the average age figure not be something that she should welcome?

It has been put into the order shown diagrammatically on page 23, with the two extreme positions added. We have numbered the options for ease of reference. If no payment made, and sanctions not effective, military intervention to be used to seize property as payment of debt. (1) Enforce payment of the debt, with sanctions to be applied if payments not made. (2) Enforce payment of the debt. (3) Enforce payment of only part of the debt. (4) Make payment of the debt easier by extending the repayment period.

1 Is this something that everyone would agree on? When the TV series Rome was screened, the scenes of violence (including crucifixion and rape) had to be removed from the version that was shown in Italy but not that which was shown in the UK. If we play a space-invaders game, are our attempts at destruction of alien spacecraft examples of violence? Not normally, in that references to violence are normally when humans (and some animals) are involved. Thus the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) that controls the rating of games in the UK is tolerant of cartoon and fantasy violence.

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