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Conversational Texts in Eastern Neo-Aramaic (Gzira Dialect) by Aki'o Nakano

By Aki'o Nakano

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165. av. osa. 166. awa lewa 'eza xsiwa 'asqadda. Vin. (Supplement) 1. bar mi~wa <2> Z: 1. sar sinne, gozi faral) bar mi~wa. 2. osa mbinoke. 3. xaraje palgldjom ~ozi sa-oza, jala qare mux ne-um. 4. mbinoke gIawis tUllin xaraje go knisla gjiisiq I·sefer. _S. le I-besa mbinoke w-ksati. 6. gmazmini·lu naSe l. i -uggot. 7. xaraje kulxa gel I· besa. 8. ba-den bassir palgidjom kisleni gozi sa-oza, g6zi dana mejnl)edet -60- 6. Lag Baomer N: 142. What do they do at Lag baomer? Z: 143. It's not a religious feast, that is, not from Torah.

Jaqurta heavy, difficult someone

68. j raba dare: Feast of Tabernacle tabernacle is? Do you know what 38. They decorate it with all kinds of decorations, and hang pretty fruits. 39. That is, they made a tabernacle beautiful and hang pictures of Isac. 40. And the feast lasts for seven days, and it is prohibited to work on the first and the last days. 41. Other days are "hoI hamoyed", and the pious people don't go for work on these six or seven days. 42. Usually they take their meals in a taberbac1e. 43. They prepare a little special foods like those on Sabbath, that is the feast dishes.

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