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Contact with the Depths by Michael Eigen

By Michael Eigen

This ebook explores methods we make touch with the depths in ourselves and every different. we're deeply moved via touch we make with existence, but additionally questioned by means of a necessity to damage or lose touch, and sometimes endure wounds through failure of touch to be born. Our feel of touch is tenacious and fragile, topic to deformations, plagued with a feeling of jeopardy. Chapters specialize in methods we make-and-break touch within the wounded  Read more...

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On an elemental plane, this movement is a raw arc of experience, a basic rhythm. A story with infinite variations and forms, on all levels of human existence. Buddha adds an ethical dimension to the path he points to. Not only meditation or concentration, but right thought, action, work. We continue as one life form or another until we manage to transcend ourselves and restructure our existence with a truly caring attitude. Many capacities and dimensions intertwine in constant interplay on the way.

It opened vistas for what therapy could be and had to be for some. A sense of unknown boundless support for aloneness, which Winnicott finds at times in the infant, is an important ingredient in the psychic mix that characterizes adult experience. Sensitivity to quietude is an inherent part of psychoanalytic background. The informing quality of background affective attitude affects the quality of quietude, the quality of aloneness. In Abe’s case, it was a turning point. Binging stopped. He was “dry” all through the period of his withdrawal and return.

If one dares to begin, one must deal with the dread of trauma hitting, which involves not just dread of death, but terrors of psychic deformation, deterioration, mutilation, pulverization. Trauma may hit when one goes towards the other or when one is alone, unaware of the other’s background support. The capacity to be with others or to be alone may be wounded. In the former, one may withdraw to nurse oneself, hide, regroup, or develop a paranoid underpinning, expecting injury when reaching out.

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