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Clinical Pediatric Endocrinology, Fifth Edition by Fima Lifshitz

By Fima Lifshitz

This new version of the benchmark textual content on scientific pediatric endocrinology nonetheless is still on the leading edge of worldwide medical opinion. additionally, the fashion, which has been the hallmark of the e-book for the final two decades, has been maintained for this 5th Edition.

New good points of this 5th version include:

  • Special new chapters conceal the fetal origins of grownup illness and the
    endocrine effects and administration of serious illness
  • Now opens with a uncomplicated technological know-how part summarizing the mechanisms of hormone motion, genomics, proteomics and the applying of molecular biology to medical practice
  • Two new co-editors were brought - Peter Clayton and Rosalind Brown
  • Every bankruptcy has been updated

Chapter 1 ideas of Hormone motion (pages 1–17): Melissa Westwood
Chapter 2 Genetics, Genomics, Proteomics, and Bioinformatics (pages 18–44): Peter Kopp
Chapter three Measuring Hormones, Molecular assessments, and Their scientific program (pages 45–66): Jan M. Wit and Marcel Karperien
Chapter four Congenital issues of the Hypothalamic?Pituitary Axis (pages 67–89): Ameeta Mehta and Mehul T. Dattani
Chapter five common and Disordered development (pages 90–112): Leena Patel and Peter E. Clayton
Chapter 6 Genetic Syndromes and Dysmorphology (pages 113–123): Jennifer Batch
Chapter 7 obtained Abnormalities of the Hypothalamic?Pituitary Axis resulting in progress Impairment (pages 124–152): Dennis J. Brenner and Edward O. Reiter
Chapter eight improvement of the Reproductive structures (pages 153–170): John C. Achermann
Chapter nine Ambiguous Genitalia (pages 171–182): Ieuan A. Hughes
Chapter 10 general and irregular Puberty (pages 183–210): Mehul T. Dattani and Peter C. Hindmarsh
Chapter eleven Gynecology (pages 211–217): Sarah M. Creighton
Chapter 12 The Thyroid and its problems (pages 218–253): Rosalind S. Brown and Stephen Huang
Chapter thirteen The Parathyroid and issues of Calcium Metabolism (pages 254–279): Jeremy Allgrove
Chapter 14 problems of Bone Metabolism (pages 280–292): Ingrid A. Holm
Chapter 15 The Adrenal Cortex and its issues (pages 293–351): Walter L. Miller
Chapter sixteen Polyglandular Syndromes (pages 352–366): Catherine J. Owen, Tim D. Cheetham and Simon H.S. Pearce
Chapter 17 problems of Water stability (pages 367–395): Rebecca P. eco-friendly, Joseph A. Majzoub and Louis J. Muglia
Chapter 18 Endocrine Programming and the Fetal and Early?Life Origins of grownup affliction (pages 396–409): Caroline H.D. Fall
Chapter 19 Weight law and Monogenic weight problems (pages 410–418): I. Sadaf Farooqi
Chapter 20 Metabolic effects of weight problems and Their administration (pages 419–435): Michael Freemark
Chapter 21 Diabetes Mellitus (pages 436–473): Andrew W. Norris and Joseph I. Wolfsdorf
Chapter 22 Hypoglycemia (pages 474–491): Khalid Hussain and Mark J. Dunne
Chapter 23 Endocrine outcomes of Systemic ailment: serious affliction (pages 492–504): Greet Van Den Berghe
Chapter 24 effects of Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy, and Bone Marrow Transplant (pages 505–522): Helena A. Davies
Chapter 25 checks and common Values in Pediatric Endocrinology (pages 523–564): Lesley J. Tetlow and Peter E. Clayton

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