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Clinical Electroencephalography by L. G. Kiloh, A. J. McComas, J. W. Osselton

By L. G. Kiloh, A. J. McComas, J. W. Osselton

Medical Electroencephalography

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Horizontal bar = 50 ms, vertical bars = 50n V (waves) (From Whitlock, Arduini and Moruzzi (1953), J. Nevrophjsiol. 16, 418, by courtesy of the authors and the American Physiological Society) (Lansing, 1957; Callaway, 1962). Again, it has not been possible to demonstrate any correlation between visual pattern recognition and the alpha rhythm (MacKay, 1953). —Andersen and Andersson (1968) suggest that spontaneous spindles, initiated in the thalamus and imparted to the cortex, are essential for learning processes.

Absolute values of gain are expressed in //V/cm or //V/mm of pen deflection. The important range of frequencies in clinical EEG work extends from 1 to 50 Hz (cycles per second), 36 APPARATUS but the majority of EEG amplifiers are capable of giving an electrical output up to several kilocycles per second for the display of high frequency signals, such as the E M G , on a cathode ray oscilloscope. It is the pen writer which limits the maximum frequency that can be recorded. 1—Idealized frequency response characteristic for recording system with different values of time constant and different degrees of highfrequency cut when necessary.

Pubis. Ass. Res. nerv. ment. Dis. 26, 272 — and Stefanis, C. (1965). 'Intracellular Oscillatory Rhythms in Pyramidal Tract Neurones in the Cat'. Electroenceph. clin. Neurophysiol. 18, 541 Kristiansen, K. and Courtois, G. (1949). 'Rhythmic Electrical Activity from Isolated Cerebral Cortex. Electroenceph. clin. Neurophysiol. 1, 265 Lansing, R. W. (1957). 'Relation of Brain and Tremor Rhythms to Visual Reaction Time'. Electroenceph. clin. Neurophysiol. 9,497 Li, C-L and Jasper, H. H. (1953). 'Microelectrode Studies of the Electrical Activity of the Cerebral Cortex in the Cat'.

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