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Civilization before Greece and Rome by H. W. F. Saggs

By H. W. F. Saggs

For lots of centuries it used to be permitted that civilization begun with the Greeks and Romans. over the last 200 years, besides the fact that, archaeological discoveries in Egypt, Mesopotamia, Crete, Syria, Anatolia, Iran, and the Indus Valley have published that wealthy cultures existed in those areas a few thousand years earlier than the Greco-Roman period. during this interesting paintings, H.W.F Saggs offers a wide-ranging survey of the extra striking achievements of those societies, displaying how a lot the traditional peoples of the close to and center East have encouraged the styles of our day-by-day lives. Saggs discussesthe the discovery of writing, tracing it from the earliest pictograms (designed for account-keeping) to the Phoenician alphabet, the resource of the Greek and all ecu alphabets. He investigates teh curricula, educating tools, and values of the universities from which scribes graduated. examining the provisions of a few of the legislation codes, he illustrates the operation of overseas legislations and the foreign exchange that it made attainable. Saggs highlights the artistic ways in which those historic peoples used their traditional assets, describing the significant works in stone created through the Egyptians, the advance of know-how in bronze and iron, and the advent of worthy crops into areas outdoor their usual habitat. In chapters on arithmetic, astronomy, and medication, he bargains attention-grabbing factors approximately how glossy calculations of time derive from the traditional international, how the Egyptians practiced medical surgical procedure, and the way the Babylonians used algebra. The ebook concludes with a dialogue of historical faith, exhibiting its evolution from the main primitive varieties towards monotheism.

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This discouraged early settlement, except along its tributary, the Diyala, a less formidable stream. Consequently, most early major settlements in south Mesopotamia were concentrated along channels of the Euphrates. In Egypt, some of the settlements which grew up along the Nile from 5000 Bc onwards had by the fourth millennium grown into towns, each controlling a strip of territory based on a flood basin. The excellent communications along the Nile, and the narrowness of the habitable area, with no viable hinterland into which dissidents could withdraw, made it easy for a determined ruler enjoying the support of his immediate territory to bring large stretches of the Nile under his control.

The eventual picture obtained was, with severe simplification, as follows. No civilization can develop until there is an assured food supply. The civilizations of Greece and Rome faced no problem here, since they grew up on the basis of agriculture which had long before reached a high degree of efficiency further East. But in the Near East, we see the earliest civilizations in direct succession to the stage in which man had been learning to control his food supply. The details of early man's achievement of assured food supply still affect us today.

But the two other scripts still remained to be solved. Rawlinson recognized that one of these was obviously used for the language of Babylon, since the same system was found on bricks from that city. We now call that language, which is of the Semitic group and related to Hebrew and Arabic, Akkadian; Babylonian was one main dialect of it and Assyrian another. Rawlinson took up the challenge. In the long trilingual inscription, his decipherment of the old Persian version gave him the general sense and a number of proper names.

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