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Children of the Lens by E. E. "Doc" Smith

By E. E. "Doc" Smith

Technology Fiction

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Kat changed her tactics. "I still get him. Everybody knows who works best with whom. You, Con, have tagged around after Worsel all your life. You used to ride him like a horse . " "She still does," Kay snickered. " "Worsel is nice," Con defended herself vigorously. "He's more human than most people, and more fun, as well as having infinitely more brains. And you can't talk, Kay—what anyone can see in that Nadreck, so cold-blooded that he freezes you even through armor at twenty feet—you'll get as cold and hard as he is if you don't.

To that part of his mind Worsel's body was, under full control, flying along upon tireless wings in the midst of the crowd; to it and to all other Velantians and hence to the Overlords the Velan lay motionless and deserted upon the rocks far below and behind them. They watched her diminish in the distance; they saw her vanish beyond the horizon! This was eminently tricky work, necessitating as it did such nicety of synchronization with the Delgonians' own compulsions as to be indetectable even to the monsters themselves.

Nor, for the purpose of this record, does it matter. Port Admiral Haynes and Surgeon-Marshal Lacy thought that they brought them together and promoted their romance. Let them think so—as agents, they did. Whatever the method employed, the result was that the genes of those two uniquely complementary penultimates were precisely those necessary to produce the first, and at present the only third-stage Lensmen. I was born on Klovia, as were, three and four galactic-standard years later, my four sisters—two pairs of non-identical twins.

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