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Childhood Experience and Personal Destiny: A Psychoanalytic by William V Silverberg

By William V Silverberg

Formative years event and private future is a presentation of Dr. Silverberg's perspectives at the improvement of character and neurosis according to his personal own studies in addition to the affects of Freud and Sullivan.

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Will force upon its infants a prolonged separation from their mothers at an extremely early age, while the mothers are laboring in the fields, and will substitute eare by somewhat unwilling surrogates (often older sisters) who, in any ease, are nonlaetating. Prolonged oral frustration is a regular part of the experience of sueh infants and results in charaeter traits whieh are not striven for as desirable in that eulture, but whieh are the outeome of specifie cultural cireumstanees. , again typical for that culture Wh at Freud had deseribed in the development of the libido was the result of the sueeession of experienees whieh is typieal for our western (European and Ameriean) culture and did not have the universal and biologie signifieanee he aseribed to it.

In the absence of a sense of danger-which is usually the case during the greater part of 24 TOWARD A THEORY OF PERSONALITY AND NEUROSIS each twenty-four hours-the dlild is apt to engage in behavior we would have to describe a~ doing something rather than avoiding something. The infant of eight or nine months does not ordinarily spend his waking hours in perceiving dan gers and devising means of circumventing them; he sits on the Hoor or in his play-pen and manipulates in some fashion that appears satisfying to hirn whatever objects come to his hand: he shakes his rattle, he puts the foot or hand of his rag doll into his mouth, he vocalizes with apparent joy and enthusiasm, and he does such things repeatedly and tirelessly and with obvious pleasure.

Kardiner's concept of basic personality implies that what is "normal" or weIl-adapted personality in one culture is "pathologie" or maladapted personality in another. In the consideration of the kind of experience that favors growth or diminution of ego-strength-equivalent, respectively, to psychic health or psychic illness (neurosis)-I shaIl be concerned solely with our own culture. By "our own culture" I mean specifically the American culture. This may be at times extended to include the contemporary culture of western civilization as a whoIe, or it may at times be narrowed down to the form of culture extant along the northern AtIantic seaboard of this country.

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