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Chickpea Breeding and Management (Cabi Publishing) by Shyam S Yadav, R R Redden, W Chen, Balram Sharma

By Shyam S Yadav, R R Redden, W Chen, Balram Sharma

The chickpea is an historical crop that continues to be very important in either built and constructing international locations. This authoritative account by means of overseas specialists covers all elements of chickpea breeding and administration, and the built-in pest administration and biotechnology functions which are vital to its development. With themes lined together with foundation and taxonomy, ecology, distribution and genetics, this ebook combines the numerous and sundry study matters impacting on creation and usage of the chickpea crop on its trip from paddock to plate.

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Racemes 1flowered. Flowering June–August. Iran, Tadzhikistan; 2500–2600 m. 24. C. laetum Rassulova and Sharipova, Fl. Tadzhiskoj SSR 5: 634 (1978). Type: Tadzhikistan, southern slope of Alai Mts, near Pitautkul, above Mt. Zhogoleva 4528 (Holo: DU). Erect or ± ascendent perennial, ca. 50 cm tall. 5–2 mm, apex toothed. Stipules foliaceous, 2–4 mm long, toothed, hairy. 5 cm long. Pods and seeds unknown. Flowering June. Tadzhikistan, East Pamir-Alai, 2500 m. 25. C. luteum Rassulova and Sharipova, Izv.

2n = 16 and 24. Canary Islands, La Palma and Tenerife; 900–1400 m. 9. C. G. Popov, Bull. Appl. Bot. Genet. Pl. Breed. 21(1): 180 (1929). n. (Holo: G). Basionym: Ononis chorassanica Bunge, in Boissier, Fl. Orient. 2: 63 (1872). Syn. C. , Bull. Herb. Boiss. Sér. 2, 5: 849 (1905). n. (Holo: G). Prostrate to erect annual, 5–12(−15) cm tall. Leaves imparipinnate, 12– 18(−22) mm long, with 3 flabellate leaflets, 5–8(−10) × 3–6(−9) mm. 5(−1) mm. Racemes 1(−2)-flowered, corolla white or pink. Seeds obovoid, circumference 9–12 mm.

UPA). It can be concluded, therefore, that Central Asia should be given priority for further collection activities. A shortage of material from the former Soviet Union, particularly within the new Central Asian republics, was especially noted during investigations by Maxted and others. Furthermore, it is unlikely that all the species endemic to this region have been discovered and described. Short Species Descriptions with Ecogeographic Notes 1. C. acanthophyllum Borissova, Novit. Syst. Pl. , Leningrad 6: 167 (1970).

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