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Check Your Vocabulary for FCE by Rawdon Wyatt

By Rawdon Wyatt

This workbook is designed to assist scholars learning for the FCE (First certificates Examination). This college of Cambridge examination is taken by way of over 250,000 humans world wide each year and is without doubt one of the most well liked English Language instructing (ELT) assessments. It encompasses a variety of actions to assist scholars construct and enhance their English vocabulary, and it's appropriate for either self-study and lecture room use.

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Wer leichter und besser lernen will, ist hier genau richtig. Dieser TaschenGuide stellt Ihnen wirksame Strategien vor, um sich neues Wissen zu erschließen, zu merken und anzuwenden. Damit Sie in Prüfungen und anderen Stresssituationen erfolgreich bestehen. Nutzen Sie effektive Techniken, um sich neues Wissen anzueignen.

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6. We ________ some money each month for a holiday. 7. Claudia ________ her aunt. They look so similar. 8. They offered me a job, but I ____ it _____ . 9. The bomb ________ at midnight, so fortunately the building was empty. 10. We were in the middle of a telephone conversation when we were suddenly ________ . 11. The first thing he did when he opened the exam paper was to ________ all the questions. 12. The exam has been ________ . It's now on Thursday instead of Monday. 13. I managed to ________ some Japanese while I was working in Tokyo.

She always thinks she's being criticized. D. He needs someone to tell him to start working. E. Well, they've never been very friendly with each other. F. That's great. I'm glad she's better at last. G. Nothing naughty, I promise. H. Oh well, at least you've done it at last. I. Have you had any luck making them understand? 10. She never got over the death of her father. J. She always manages to persuade someone to do what she wants. 11. I only got round to sending my Christmas cards yesterday. K.

A pyramid 2. a cube 3. a crescent 4. a spiral 5. a cone 6. a rectangle 7. a triangle 8. a circle 9. a square B. C. A. E. F. I. 10. a cylinder G. J. 11. an oval D. H. K. B. Look at the following list of words and decide what the correct adjective form is, A, B or C. 1. sphere A. spherous B. spherical 2. cube A. cubed 3. cone A. conacular 4. rectangle A. rectanglous 5. triangle A. triangular 6. circle A. circled B. circulous C. circular 7. square A. square B. squaret C. squarous 8. cylinder A. cylindrous B.

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