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Charlie Company by John Reeves

By John Reeves

Tabletop miniatures principles

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The Marine Corps in Vietnam

This quantity offers an in-depth examine the studies of the normal US Marine 'grunt' engaging within the Vietnam clash. organization of the Corps, weaponry, gear, uniforms, education and clinical preparations are all unique, with the unifying subject matter of studying some of these differing facets of marine lifestyles from the viewpoint of a soldier serving within the clash.

Life and Death in the Central Highlands: An American Sergeant in the Vietnam War, 1968-1970

In 1968 James T. Gillam used to be a poorly targeted collage pupil at Ohio collage who used to be brushed aside after which drafted into the military. not like such a lot African-Americans who entered the military then, he turned a Sergeant and an teacher on the castle McClellan Alabama university of Infantry. In September 1968 he joined the 1st Battalion, twenty second Regiment of the 4th Infantry department in Vietnam.

US Navy A-1 Skyraider Units of the Vietnam War

Osprey's exam of the A-1 Skyraider devices' participation within the Vietnam battle (1955-1975). Designed and outfitted as a carrier-based assault plane in 1944, the A-1 reached frontline devices too overdue to work out strive against in international warfare II (1939-1945). With the arrival of jets within the past due Forties, the Skyraider was once noticeable as a dated throwback to the golden age of piston-engined naval aviation.

Khe Sanh 1967-68: Marines Battle for Vietnam’s Vital Hilltop Base

Khe Sanh was once a small village in northwest South Vietnam that sat astride key North Vietnamese infiltration routes. In September 1966 of the Vietnam warfare (1955-1975), a Marine battalion deployed into the realm. motion steadily elevated because the NVA tried to break unfastened global Forces bases, and the siege of Khe Sanh right started in October 1967.

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Troops who are stationary are not placed on the board until spotted. Each unit commander can scan a 6" wide area to attempt to spot the enemy. If he rolls his expertise or less, then any enemy troops in that area are spotted and remain spotted as long as they remain in sight. If a spotted enemy unit moves beyond a terrain's maximum visibility distance, the figures are removed from the table. If for any reason, all American units lose sight of an enemy unit, the unit is removed from the table. If the enemy troops are not firing during the turn that the expertise roll is made, add 5 to the die roll.

Turning a wheeled vehicle 180 degrees takes two minutes. 22 TRACKED VEHICLES CHARLIE COMPANY 34 Tracked vehicles pay movement costs based on the terrain they are moving through. Unlike wheeled vehicles, tracked vehicles have a single movement speed. Note that tracked vehicles may not enter all types of terrain. Tracked vehicles following a road or trail may freely change direction to remain on the path that they are following. Upon reaching a road/trail junction, the vehicle may freely change direction and follow a new route.

If the number rolled is equal to, or less than the commander's expertise, the device is spotted. Modify the die roll by adding 4 if the unit has a March or Charge Order. Subtract 4 from the die roll if the unit has a Combat Order. If the roll is successful, the figure stops prior to reaching the device. If the die roll fails to locate the device, it may or may not inflict damage on the unit. A die roll of 10 or more always results in a failure to spot the mine or booby trap. If the attempt to locate a mine or a booby trap fails, then the players or the gamemaster must roll a D10 for possible damage on the Booby Trap/Mine Table.

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