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Chandrakirti's Sevenfold Reasoning: Meditation on the by Joe Wilson

By Joe Wilson

This rationalization of Chadrakirti's presentation of the seven fold reasoning relies at the clarification present in the transparent "Exposition of the presentation Tenets, a gorgeous decoration for the Meru of the subduer's instructing" composed by way of Jangkya.

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The Precious Garland and the Song of the Four Mindfulnesses. Translated by Jeffrey Hopkins with Lati Rimpoche and Anne Klein. New York: Harper and Row, 1975. Nga-wang'ben-den [Ngag dbang dpal ldan], Annotations for the "Great Exposition of Tenets", Freeing the knots of the Difficult Points, a Precious Jewel of Clear Thought. Grub mtha chat mo'i mchan 'grcl dkif gnad mdud grol bio gsal gees nor, Varanasi: Pleasure of El­ egant Sayings Press, 1964. Smith, E. Gene, Tibetan Catalog. University of Washington: 1969.

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Here the yogi has only to think that shape is merely physical, whereas the aggregates are both mental and physical. If the self really were just die shape of the aggregates, then it would not be possible to know anything, and so on. Further, if the person were both the shape of his body and his consciousness, there would be two persons. , which refute the inherent exist­ ence of phenomena other than persons, are different. The most obvious example of this is in the case of the ninth essential where the reasoning given, that the bases of imputation include both mind and body, applies only to sentient beings; the bases of imputation of a chariot do not include any non-physical phenomena.

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