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Case Histories for the MRCP, 2nd edition by Paul Goldsmith, Robert Semple

By Paul Goldsmith, Robert Semple

A evaluate publication in query resolution layout excellent for examination coaching for college students taking step 1 and step 2 of the forums. All questions are awarded within the type of "best of five", "pick-n-from many", advert a number of matching.Features comprise in-depth reasons to answers,and complete colour phtographs improve illustrative case histories.

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The casualty officer arranged a CT scan on account of the following eye abnormality: (a) (b) 44 Questions 1. This shows: a) Subhyaloid haemorrhage b) Scleritis c) Episcleritis d) Conjunctival haemorrhage e) Battle’s sign 2. The CT scan shows: a) Fresh contusions b) Old contusions c) Calcifications d) Multiple aneurysms e) Multiple metastases f) Normal CT scan 3. 3 A 20-year-old student presented with a one-month history of a hoarse voice. Over the preceding year she had been suffering from increasing fatigue, which she ascribed to her studies, shortness of breath and central chest tightness on exertion.

No history was available. 5 °C and sweaty. She looked dry and was tachypnoeic. Her pulse was 110/min and blood pressure was 100/60 mmHg. JVP was not raised and heart sounds were normal. There were scattered bibasal crepitations in the chest. Abdominal examination was normal. No focal neurology was obvious, although examination was difficult due to her lack of co-operation. 3. 8 kPa. occasional interstitial lines. 1. Which single diagnosis best fits this scenario? a) Idiosyncratic reaction to ecstasy (MDMA) b) Herpes simplex encephalitis c) Bacterial meningitis d) Salicylate overdose e) Paracetamol overdose f) Amphetamine overdose g) Tricyclic antidepressant overdose 2.

CXR: enlarged heart, clear lung fields. The chest radiograph and part of the ECG rhythm strip are shown in the following figures. 48 Questions 1. 7 A 54-year-old man presented with a six-month history of progressive clumsiness and difficulty in performing fine tasks with his right hand. He had no pain. Apart from a chronic cough he was well. Past medical history was unremarkable. He was adopted and did not know his family history. He smoked 40 cigarettes per day. General examination, higher mental function and cranial nerve examination were all normal.

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