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Cambridge Commentaries on Writings of the Jewish & Christian by Molly Whittaker

By Molly Whittaker

The purpose of this ebook is to provide entry to assets which illustrate Graeco-Roman perspectives on Jews and Christians from two hundred BC to advert two hundred. Passages diversity from longer extracts written by way of historians to brief incidental references by means of disparate authors which throw gentle on attitudes in the direction of ideals and social customs. The pagan non secular history, specially the secret religions, can also be defined and illustrated through chosen passages, in order that the reader can have a few thought of the final non secular weather in this interval. each citation is prefixed by means of a quick biography of the writer and all passages were translated into English, with explanatory remark while useful. Connecting essays act as summaries and concentration the eye on crucial matters. those, including a chronological chart and maps should still allow a pupil coming clean to the topic, with no prior really good wisdom, to determine the interval in historic standpoint.

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4. John: he was John of Gischala. 5. Eleazar: he was the son of Simon and a Zealot leader, but distinct from the Eleazar who led the last stand at Masada. 6. corn was burnt: famine was the ultimate cause for the fall of the city. Portents1 had happened which a race prone to superstition, opposed to religious observances, does not think it right to expiate either by sacrifice or prayer. Battle lines were seen to engage in the sky, flashing arms and the Temple suddenly aglow with fire from the clouds.

Judges: for the judicial duties of the priests, cp. Deut. 21 15. 2. Moses having heard... : similar formulas referring to Moses are to be found in Lev. 26:46; 27:34; Num. 36:13. He also campaigned against neighbouring lands, conquered much territory and distributed it by lot, equal portions to private citizens, larger ones to the priests;1 this was in order that receiving a more 38 Jews and Christians: Graeco-Roman Views considerable income they might without distraction continually attend to the divine cult.

They were overjoyed and to the number of two hundred thousand men all eagerly set out together and soon reached Avaris/ 1. Heliopolis: this was a city in Lower Egypt and the chief centre of Sun-worship. The Greek name means City of the Sun and its priests were celebrated for their learning. 2. Tethmosis: his name is given earlier as Thummosis (see p. 40). 5" ' Amenophis, king of Egypt, when he learnt of their invasion, was extremely disturbed, remembering the prophecy of Amenophis, son of Paaphis.

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