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California Mathematics Course 2 Homework Book by CGP Education

By CGP Education 1: the fundamentals of 2: Rational and Irrational three: Two-Dimensional four: Linear five: 6: the fundamentals of 7: 3-dimensional eight: Proportional Reasoning and Percents. 258 pages

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Solve the following equations: a. t + 4 = 4 b. y + 25 = 0 --------------------------- --------------------------- c. 18 = r – 12 d. –15 = w + 12 --------------------------- --------------------------- 6. Explain the error made solving the following equation, and solve it correctly. 14 = r + 6 20 = r ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ r = --------------------------7. Match each equation with its solution. a. –8x = 48 72 =9 x 1 c.

6. The sum of the angles in a triangle is 180 degrees. In a particular triangle the first angle is 18 degrees less than the second angle, and the third angle is 70 degrees. Write and solve an equation to find the measures of the first two angles. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 7. Rueben is six months old and naps twice a day.

4. A coffee shop uses the formula P = C + a. If Pete has 32 loyalty points after buying 23 coffees, then how many sandwiches has he bought? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ b. If Morgan has 22 loyalty points after buying 14 sandwiches, then how many coffees has she bought? 6 21 5. Tamika is three inches taller than Mackenzie. If Tamika is 65 inches tall then how tall is Mackenzie? Set up and solve an equation to reach your answer.

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