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Buddhist Sects and Sectarianism by Bibbhuti Baruah

By Bibbhuti Baruah

Old research of beginning and improvement of assorted Buddhist sects and sectarianism within the historical past of succession of colleges in Asia.

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Let's begin there. That is the core of all society, the family. In the Asiatic world especially, family means a great deal; it is tremendously important to them - the son, the nephew, the grandmother, grandfather. It is the centre on which all society is based. So when one says, `My wife', `my girl', `my friend', what does that mean? Most of you are probably married, or have a girl friend or a boy friend. What does it mean to be related to them? What are you related to? Let's move away for a moment from the wife and husband.

We will deal with it next Sunday. Not that I am inviting you. We will go into it, and also into what is religion, what is meditation and if there is something that is beyond all words, measure and thought - something not put together by thought, something that is inexpressible, infinite, timeless. We will go into all that. But one cannot come to it if there is fear, or lack of right relationships, you follow? Unless your brain is free from all that you cannot understand the other. LAST TALKS AT SAANEN 1985 5TH PUBLIC TALK SUNDAY, 21ST JULY, 1985 This will be the last talk at Saanen.

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