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Buddhism into the Year 2000 - International Conference by Dhammakaya Foundation Editorial Board

By Dhammakaya Foundation Editorial Board

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Abhidh-k-vy. e. glossing aniitman- as both karmadhiiraya compound ['non-self'] and bahuvrihi ['self-less']). nu~yakasutra quoted at Abhidh-k-bh, Pudgalaviniscaya, 1201 - 1202 ( ... vyavaharamiitram evaitat I ); ibid. p. 1214 10 - 13 (on the Buddha speaking of His former lives). 18. 28ab (hetur atra samutpadai} samutpannal)1 phalarp matam), p, 458: santi tarhi kecid ya iltmani saty asrayabhute sarpskiirtidinill)1 bhavarpparikalpayanty avidyadiniilJl cotpadilt tadutpattim I atas te$arp kalpanarp paryudasitum idarp nirdhiirayarp babhuila "yasyaivotpadiid yad utpadyate tasminn eva sati tad bhavati nanyasmin I "II.

Similarly, to take professions at The Sarvastiviida and its Critics 39 the other extreme of the scale of morality, when a person commits himself to murder, theft, hunting or the like as his livelihood this conscious act of non-abstention [avirati] is followed by a stream of 'non-abstentional non-communicators' [aviratiJakfj3I)a avijfiaptayal)] which make him a murderer, thief, or hunter etc. " 2. 38 The point of this argument is the belief that the merit earned by such a pious donation is augmented with every use that the beneficiary or beneficiaries make of it.

See also n. 31 above. 36. 36bcd: praptir Jabhal) samanvayal) I praptyaprapti svasarptanapatitanilrp ... 37. Abhid-k-bh 58345. 38. Abhidh-k 580 and Abhidh-k-vy ad loco 39. 5: apuI}yarp ca tathavidham I paribhoganvay am ity arthal) I tad yatha devakuJadiprati$thilpanarp yatra sattvll hanyante I yathll yatha hi tatkirtau praI}ino hanyante tatha tathll taddevakuJadyupabhogat tatkartr I}ilrp sarptane paribhoganvayam apuI}yam api jiiyata .. II, "There is also demerit of this sort, demerit, that is, which grows with use [by beneficiaries].

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