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Bradley's Arnold Latin Prose Composition by J. F. Mountford, Visit Amazon's Thomas Kerchever Arnold

By J. F. Mountford, Visit Amazon's Thomas Kerchever Arnold Page, search results, Learn about Author Central, Thomas Kerchever Arnold, , George Granville Bradley

Nice e-book. quaint in structure and grammar and so on, yet has a few very worthy and thorough examinations of alternative points of Latin. super worthwhile for grammar, not only for prose composition. a must-have for critical scholars of Latin. hugely suggest!

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Sample text

Both my father and mother are dead. (b) But the predicate may agree both in gender and number with the substantive nearest to itself, especially when it precedes the compound subject. Thus a brother might say for “Both my sister and I had been summoned to the praetor,” either Et ego et soror mea ad praet«rem voc§t¿ er§mus, or Voc§tus eram ad praet«rem ego et soror mea. Compare the use of a singular verb with a compound subject (27). 48. (a) If the nouns are not persons but things, the adjective or participle is usually in the plural, and agrees in gender if all the nouns are of the same gender.

Note—Ai« is occasionally used, like inquam, parenthetically in «r§ti« r¡cta (direct discourse). 41. The infinitive with subject accusative is used also as the object of: (a) A small number of verbs of “commanding” (iube«), “allowing” (sin«, patior), and “forbidding” (vet«, prohibe«). M¿lit¡s ab¿re iussit (s¿vit, vetuit). He ordered (allowed, forbade) the soldiers to depart. (b) The verbs vol«, n«l«, m§l«, cupi«, but only when the subject of the infinitive is different from that of the main verb.

7. Having1 resolved to be a candidate for office, I ventured to return home and ask for your votes. 8. We would rather die free than live (as) slaves. 9. There is a tradition that he refused to accept the crown (when) offered by the nation and (its) chief men. 10. It was clear2 that the destined day was now at hand; but the townsmen were unwilling either to despair or to surrender. 11. He said that he had neither broken his word nor deceived the nation. 12. The senate3 and people resolved that ambassadors should be sent to Pyrrhus.

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