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Boundary layer climates by T. R. Oke

By T. R. Oke

This contemporary climatology textbook explains the climates shaped close to the floor when it comes to the biking of strength and mass via platforms

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When considering unit mass of the substance, the appropriate property is the specific heat (c, with units of Jkg-1K-1). Here when dealing with unit volume, the property is the heat capacity (C, with units of Jm-3K-1), which is defined as the amount of heat (J) necessary to raise unit volume (m3) of a substance through a temperature change of 1 degree (K). 1 (p. 44) where it is clear that, compared to most other materials, water requires a large heat input to effect a given change in temperature whereas air requires very little.

E. increased storage). 2) There are two fundamental cycles of importance in understanding atmospheric systems. These are the cycles of solar energy (heat), and water (mass). The remainder of this chapter is concerned with a description of the workings of these two cycles. This is followed in Chapter 2 by an explanation of the way these exchange processes and balances are linked to the vertical distributions of such climatological elements as temperature, humidity and wind speed in the boundary layer.

The length of the arrows represents the magnitude of the flux. 1 Schematic depiction of (a) vertical flux convergence, (b) vertical flux divergence and (c) horizontal flux divergence, in a volume. (ii) (iii) ∆QS) in the volume. 1a). The amount of the temperature change per unit of energy storage change will depend upon the thermal properties of the materials of the volume. Qin is less than Qout—if input is less than output the volume must be ∆QS) and hence losing energy, thereby depleting its energy store (-∆ cooling.

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