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Boo Boo and the V.I.V.

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The Face on the Milk Carton

Nobody ever relatively paid shut consciousness to the faces of the lacking kids at the milk cartons. yet as Janie Johnson glanced on the face of the standard little lady together with her hair in tight pigtails, donning a costume with a slender white collar—a three-year-old who were abducted twelve years sooner than from a shopping center in New Jersey—she felt triumph over with surprise.

A Mud Pie for Mother

The author of Pepito the courageous returns with one other small yet decided hero, Little Pig. it truly is mom Pig's birthday, and her son has sneaked out of the pen to discover a present ahead of she wakes up. Little Pig spies an outstanding one-a lovely flower-but simply as he's approximately to pluck it, a bee buzzes up and begs him to not.

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While Wandering Smurf is going touring, he's fortunate sufficient to have a magic whistle to convey him domestic back.

Little Galoshes

First version / "A" reproduction / HARDCOVER, conceal as proven. tightly certain, fresh and unmarked pages. NO gruesome the rest mark. now not a library e-book. smooth pictoral disguise as issued. identify of earlier proprietor written on inside of endpaper. From the shop in your door, why pay retail anymore? stopover at our kid's choice.

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