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Block by Bloody Block (Hunter: the Vigil) by Chuck Wendig

By Chuck Wendig

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He doesn’t have friends, exactly, but he has a lot of allies. On the other hand, getting on Dennison’s bad side (negative Rapport) earns one a spot on his blacklist. For the most part, he doesn’t really enforce the blacklist until one of its listed members shows up in his territory—then he sets his men on them to bring him the offender. But provided that his enemies stay off his radar, they’re forgotten until they reappear. 39 Block by Bloody Block Eliezer This bizarre bearded freak came around and stole a few of Dennison’s vampires; Dennison sent the old fool packing –3 +2 +1 John Dennison Sarah Haversham He’s a grudging respect for her, and has done her a few odd favors 40 Duncan Vilsick Vilsick hides it well, but he’s secretly in awe of Dennison’s personal power (even if Dennison seems unwilling to use or exploit it) The Projects The Projects Controlled By: Soul’s Army Examples: Cabrini Green, Chicago; Dragoon Courts, Detroit; Tasker Homes, Philadelphia (aka “The Forgotten Bottom”); Couva da Moura, Lisbon High-rise and run-down, the city projects are big, lowincome public housing units that have fallen to crime, corruption and decay.

Jimarcus has a little secret: he’s got magic at the tips of his fingers. Real magic, some “powerful mind-fuckin’ voodoo shit” as he puts it. Jimarcus is an urban sorcerer with a will strong enough that he can implant it in others’ minds. Some say he’s got the genuine well-being of his community in mind; others believe that he’s using them all for some nefarious purpose. No one knows whether it’s temporal (drugs, money, violence) or mystical (leeching magical power through the subversion of will).

Dread Powers: Tendrils 3 Smith-Novus products cause various health conditions from premature ejaculation to deadly strokes. The second is propaganda levied against hunters: Cheiron has seeded the hunter community with vile rumors regarding Smith-Novus, claiming that they’re under the control of a board of directors that comprises a number of prominent monsters. What’s unclear at this point is whether or not those claims are outright lies or just egregious exaggeration. Bit Players Gilly the Toy Man Mental 3, Social 7, Physical 5 Gilly’s one of the district’s homeless; if they had a king, it might be Gilly.

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