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Bioregulators for Crop Protection and Pest Control by Paul A. Hedin

By Paul A. Hedin

content material: Plant progress regulators in agriculture and horticulture / Louis G. Nickell --
New chemical methods for keep watch over of biennial bearing of apples / M.W. Williams --
Bioregulator-induced alterations within the composition of sugarcane : results of tops on processing / B.L. Legendre, M.A. Clarke, and M.A. Godshall --
Use of gibberellic acid to lessen citrus fruit susceptibility to fruit flies / P.D. Greany, R.E. McDonald, W.J. Schroeder, P.E. Shaw, M. Aluja, and A. Malavasi --
Bioregulator-induced results at the allelochemicals and agronomic features of cotton / Paul A. Hedin and Jack C. McCarty, Jr. --
Endophytic fungi of Pacific yew (Taxus brevifolia) as a resource of taxol, taxanes, and different pharmacophores / Andrea Stierle, Donald Stierle, Gary Strobel, Gary Bignami, and Paul Grothaus --
results of neem and azadirachtin on aphids and their average enemies / D.T. Lowery and M.B. Isman --
Structural requisites for monoterpenoid task opposed to bugs / Pamela J. Rice and Joel R. Coats --
Characterization of average pesticide from Nicotiana gossei / Ray F. Severson, Orestes T. Chortyk, Michael G. Stephenson, David H. Akey, John W. Neal, Jr., George W. Pittarelli, D. Michael Jackson, and Verne A. Sisson --
New flavone C-glycosides from corn (Zea mays L.) for the keep watch over of the corn earworm (Helicoverpa zea) / Maurice E. Snook, Neil W. Widstrom, Billy R. Wiseman, Richard C. Gueldner, Richard L. Wilson, David S. Himmelsbach, John S. Harwood, and Catherine E. Costello --
Inhibition of phytotoxin (viridiol) biosynthesis within the biocontrol agent Gliocladium virens / R.D. Stipanovic and C.R. Howell --
After discovery : the difficulty of offer ideas within the improvement of normal items / James D. McChesney --
improvement of cost-efficient inhabitants keep watch over of codling moth (Cydia pomonella) via disrupting conversation with semiochemicals / Leslie M. McDonough and Harry G. Davis --
Metabolites of Pseudomonas corrugata that elicit plant safeguard reactions / D.L. Gustine, R.T. Sherwood, F.L. Lukezic, B.G. Moyer, and W.S. Devlin --
Mechanisms of Heliothis virescens resistance to exogenous ecdysteroids / Minli Zhang and Isao Kubo --
Biochemical characterization of auxin shipping protein utilizing phytotropins / S. Brunn, M.V. Subramanian, E. Walters, B. Patel, and J.D. Reagan.

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However, they usually can be degreened artificially by use of ethylene if harvested at least 3-4 months after GA application at the rates envisioned. This is of concern only for fruit destined for the fresh market. , most Brazilian oranges), peel color is of no consequence.

ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1994. 3. LEGENDRE ET AL. 5 minutes. The hydraulic press separated the sample into juice (approximately 80% extraction) and residue (bagasse), both of which were analyzed, the former for Brix by refractometer and pol by saccharimeter and the latter only for moisture (by drying) for 24 hours at 150°C. From each sample of juice a 100 ml subsample was removed, frozen, and saved for additional analyses at the Sugar Processing Research Institute, Inc.

ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1994. 3. LEGENDRE ET AL. ch003 35 days after treatment which was, undoubtedly, influenced by the excellent natural maturity of the non-treated cane. al (21) in Hawaii noted that reducing sugars content was greatly decreased by the application of glyphosate at 42 and 35 days after treatment, respectively. According to Osgood and Teshima (16), the presence of other soluble carbohydrates such as glucose and fructose in immature or unripe cane decreases the purity and adversely affects the recovery of sucrose in the expressed juiced at the factory.

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