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Beyond FTS2000 a program for change by Bernard J Bennington

By Bernard J Bennington

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The first vendor to publicly state its interest in the program was Martin-Marietta, in March 1986. Its enthusiastic public approach to bidding was a major asset in building up momentum (Note 1). Another major event was a public announcement by Martin-Marietta in July 1986 of a special teaming relationship with the Bell Operating Companies (BOCs) and Northern Telecommunications. They immediately set out to establish themselves as a credible bidder by meeting with agencies, presenting their credentials to bid on such a large contract in an area in which they were not particularly well known, and discussing with the agencies their probable future requirements.

To do this, he promised that he would make himself available for hour-long sessions and would call for them with an hour's notice. The team worked on a training agenda, pulling in as many of the team members as possible to give the new administrator a flavor of the team's capabilities and enthusiasm. A screen and overhead projector were set up for the sessions. True to his word, Golden would call and say he had time free, whereupon he would walk down in his shirt sleeves to the briefing room where he and the team would go through the presentations and discuss and question items.

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