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Beja Pedagogical Grammar by Klaus Wedekind, Charlotte Wedekind, Abuzeinab Musa

By Klaus Wedekind, Charlotte Wedekind, Abuzeinab Musa

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Sample text

Uusheek keeya? a-hamid-ehook uusheek kee-ya B: Thank you. Where is Oosheek? wherePERFSG3M #26 A: Ushanhooh abaayu. A: u-shanh-ooh abaay-u A: He has gone (went) to his work. ARTSGM-work-POSSSG3 go-PTCPPAST-IDSG13M #27 B: Naadoor eeyiini? naadoor ee-yiini B: When does he (usually) come? time come-IMPFSG3M #28 A: Nabhoob eeyiini. nabhoob ee-yiini A: He comes in the afternoon. afternoon come-IMPFSG3M #29 Haalooku? haal-ook-u What is the (your) matter? condition-POSSSG2-IDSG13M #30 B: Dibiloot halaagaay hooy abari.

You (M) are cured. ‫نءراوه‬ ُ ‫َب ٌروك‬ Batuuk n'uraatuwi. You (F) are cured. ‫نءراتُوے‬ ُ ‫َبتٌوك‬ Baruuh n'uraabu. He is cured. ‫راب‬ ُ ‫نء‬ ُ ‫َب ٌروه‬ Batuuh n'uraatu. She is cured. ‫رات‬ ُ ‫نء‬ ُ ‫َبتٌوه‬ Hinin n'uraaba. We (M) are cured. ‫نء َربه‬ ُ ‫ِه ِنن‬ Hinin n'uraata. We (F) are cured. ‫نء َرته‬ ُ ‫ِه ِنن‬ Baraakna n'uraabaana. You (PL M) are cured. ‫نء َربانه‬ ُ ‫َبراكنه‬ Bataakna n'uraataana. You (PL F) are cured. ‫نء َرتانه‬ ُ ‫َبتاكنه‬ Baraah n'uraaba. They (M) are cured. ‫نء َربه‬ ُ ‫َبراه‬ Bataah n'uraata.

You (PL M) are (the owner) of the house. ‫َبراكنه قَو ِكنابانه‬ Bataakna gawkinaataana. You (PL F) are (the owner) of the house. ‫َبتاكنه قَو ِكناتانه‬ Baraah gawkinaaba. They (M) are (the owner) of the house. ‫َبراه قَو ِكنابه‬ Bataah gawkinaata. They (F) are (the owner) of the house. ‫َبتاه قَو ِكناته‬ Subject Pronouns with Verbs <157> To introduce the subject pronouns, a few common verbs will be used, such as 'to come, to start' etc. but is not necessary to study the verb endings at this point.

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