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Beginning JavaScript und CSS development with jQuery by Richard York

By Richard York

This publication covers the jQuery JavaScript framework and the jQuery UI JavaScript framework to get extra effects extra speedy out of JavaScript programming. I hide every one process uncovered by means of jQuery’s API, which includes the way to make universal, redundant initiatives pass even more speedy in much less code. I additionally conceal how jQuery gets rid of convinced cross-browser, cross-platform improvement complications just like the occasion version; not just does it do away with those complications, however it additionally makes it more straightforward to paintings with occasions through lowering the quantity of code it's good to write to connect occasions. It even grants the facility to simulate events.

You must have a simple figuring out of JavaScript. I overview a few easy JavaScript programming ideas, comparable to the development API, yet i don't cross into nice aspect concerning the JavaScript language itself. You’ll are looking to have at the very least a easy clutch of the record item version, or DOM, and easy JavaScript programming syntax. also, you’ll want to know your means round CSS and HTML, for the reason that wisdom of these applied sciences is usually assumed.

You’ll see how one can leverage the jQuery UI library to make graphically pushed UI widgets. jQuery can provide the power to wreck content material up between a number of tabs within the similar web page. you could have the power to customise the feel and appear of the tabs, or even to create a sophisticated appear and feel via offering varied results that are available in if you mouse over tabs and click them. a few of the UI parts and methods include:

  • make any aspect draggable with the mouse
  • drag-and-drop person interfaces
  • lists which are sortable through drag-and-drop
  • re-size components on a web page utilizing the mouse
  • entering a date right into a box utilizing a pleasant, obtainable JavaScript-driven calendar that pops up should you click an enter field
  • custom pop-up dialogues which are like digital pop-up windows
  • a graphical slider bar, just like your media player’s quantity control

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Example text

Likewise, calling the nextAll() method with a selector also limits which elements are selected. addClass(‘tmpSibling’); The preceding code selects elements that come after the

  • element with ID name tmpYellow, but only if they are
  • elements with the class name someClassName. Searching Ancestors Using the parents() and parent() Methods As you can select siblings and descendants, you can also go up the DOM tree and select ancestor elements. ready); In Figure 2-10, you see how you are able to select an element’s ancestors using a selector, although in this example, you are only selecting a single parent, the
    with ID name tmpPlacesWrapper.

    AddClass(‘tmpParent’); 47 Part I: jQuery API The parents() method has the ability to look at all of an element’s ancestors, all the way back to the root element. If you only want to look at the immediate parent, you can use the parent() method instead. addClass(‘tmpParent’); The preceding code selects the

      element with ID name tmpPlaces immediate parent, which is the

      element with the ID name tmpPlacesWrapper. addClass(‘tmpParent’); The preceding code limits the parent() method to making a match only when the

        with the ID element tmpPlaces has a parent

        element with the ID name tmpPlacesWrapper.

        In Figure 2-5, the

      • elements with class name tmpRealmOfMen have that class, in addition to the class name tmpSiblings. Selecting Specific Siblings Going back to the topic of siblings, jQuery has yet more methods that provide you with fine-grained control over sibling selection. In a preceding section, you saw how jQuery’s siblings() method allows you to select all siblings or a specific set of siblings using a selector. jQuery also gives you the ability to select siblings based on whether they appear before or after an element, using the following methods: next(), prev(), nextAll(), and prevAll().

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