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Beginning Java Objects by Jacquie Barker

By Jacquie Barker

Export writer Barker covers info key for skillability with an OO programming language like Java, and exhibits how one can really create reusable code and extensible applications.

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J = i; 27 Chapter 1 And, although it isn't necessary to do so for this example, it is a good practice to explicitly initialize all variables, primarily as a communication tool: public static int i = 0; int j = 0; j = i; void main(String[] args) II manual initialization II document our intent for j to start out with the value 0. II compiles fine now! 0, chars to' ' (a blank space), and Strings to the value null, another reserved word injava: String name = null; In Chapter 13, we'lllearn that the rules of automatic initialization are somewhat different when dealing with the 'inner workings' of objects.

As we will learn in more detail in the chapters that follow, just about everything in java is an object: 0 All of your data, with the exception of a few simple data types, are objects. 0 All of the GUI building blocks - windows, buttons, text input fields, scroll bars, lists, menus, and so on - are objects. 0 All functions are attached to objects, and are known as methods - there can be no 'free floating' functions as there were inC or C++. 0 Even the main program (now called a main method) no longer stands alone, but is instead bundled within a class, the reasons for which we'll explore in depth in chapters to come.

But, objects are 'language neutral': what you'll learn conceptually about objects in Part l of this book, and about object modeling in Part 2, could apply equally well to java, or C++, or Ada, or Smalltalk, or an as-yet-to-be-invented object oriented (00) language. So, we could have used language neutral pseudocode - a natural language way of expressing computer logic without worrying about the syntax of a specific language like java- for all of our code 'snippets' in Parts 1 and 2. This brings us back full circle to our initial question, why are we introducingjava syntax so soon?

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