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Beginning Cryptography with Java by David Hook

By David Hook

Humans will nonetheless wax lyrically approximately key sizes and PKI (Public Key Infrastructure), yet what does all of it suggest, and what does it suggest if you are utilizing Java? The Java APIs find the money for you loads of flexibility, and even if it will let you enforce an program utilizing cryptography at a basic point, it is going to additionally let you tie your self into a few negative knots. you could steer clear of this in the event you comprehend a couple of principals in regards to the method the APIs are prepare. additionally, by way of figuring out the relationships among the high-level APIs and the extra basic ones, debugging turns into more straightforward and you'll realize while it's not essential to construct issues from scratch, as, in certain cases, the labor has already been performed. briefly, with the precise realizing, it can save you your self loads of paintings. This booklet has been written with the purpose of offering that realizing.

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GetEncoded(), which allow the parameters to be exported in a platform-independent manner. 1, which is discussed in Chapter 5. getParameterSpec(), which enables you to recover the value object associated with the parameters contained in the AlgorithmParameters object. getParameters() will, amongst other things, return the IV, but in an object that can be used to generate an encoded IV, suitable for export. getInstance("DES/CTS/NoPadding", "BC"); CTS is defined in RFC 2040 and combines the use of CBC mode with some additional XOR operations on the final encrypted block of the data being processed to produce encrypted data that is the same length as the input data.

SecurityException with the messageUnsupported keysize or algorithm parameters. What have they forgotten? 2. You are running in a Windows environment. You have downloaded and installed everything into your JDK that is required to support the provider you want to use, but you still find that some Java applications you are using fail to find the provider, even though you are sure you have installed it. Why might this be happening? 3. You are attempting to use an algorithm that is available in a provider you have installed, but you are finding that when you create an object to use it via the getInstance() method, the object does not have all the capabilities that the documentation that comes with the provider indicates.

ToHex(plainText, ptLength) + " bytes: " + ptLength); } } Running the example, you should see the following output: input : 000102030405060708090a0b0c0d0e0f00010203040506 cipher: 61a1f886ff9bc709dd37cd9ce33adc6ff9ab110e46f387 bytes: 23 plain : 000102030405060708090a0b0c0d0e0f00010203040506 bytes: 23 As you can see, the Cipher object has produced ciphertext that is the same length as the input data. getInstance() with CTR rather than CBC specified in the mode position, and as you are using a streaming mode, NoPadding rather than PKCS7Padding giving a specification string of “DES/CTR/NoPadding” .

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