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Beginning Android by Grant Allen (auth.)

By Grant Allen (auth.)

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Educate your self CGI Programming with Perl five in every week is for the skilled online page developer who's acquainted with uncomplicated HTML. the academic explains find out how to use CGI so as to add interplay to websites. The CD contains the resource code for the entire examples utilized in the e-book, besides instruments for developing and modifying CGI scripts, picture maps, types, and HTML.

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В книге рассказывается о технологии WML, которая позволяет создавать WAP страницы. И если Вас интересует WAP «изнутри», то эта книга для Вас. e-book Description the subsequent iteration of cellular communicators is right here, and providing content material to them will suggest programming in WML (Wireless Markup Language) and WMLScript, the languages of the instant software setting (WAE).

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The activity element is given a label and defines which Java class is implementing the activity’s logic. It usually also includes an intent-filter child attribute that specifies under which conditions this activity can be invoked. I talk more about intents in Part II of the book, but for now, simply note that in this example, I have an action and a category, and my category flags that my application should appear in the device’s launcher so a user can run it by choosing its icon. You can (and will) place a great deal more in a manifest file; we’ll discover more about these options throughout the rest of the book.

I’ll talk more about this when we discuss relevant parts of UI design and application behavior in Parts II and III. As you build more and more complex applications, other libraries you import also show up here and are also referenced further down in the libs directory. CHAPTER 3: Inside Your First Android Project 39 Counting Your Assets Next up, you should see an assets folder. Within it, you will likely find…nothing! Well, at least initially—there is no default content in the assets folder. As you build more and more complex projects, this is the location in which a variety of custom components and datasources reside.

Xml file for the working example in Chapter 2. More broadly, the contents of the values directory are strings, dimensions, styles, and other reference data that is best handled through abstraction away from the code. Rather than embed my “Beginning Android” string in my Java code, I can easily reference it, and other values. You can already see how the abstraction supported by the XML approach to values makes tasks such as internationalization and localization much easier. We’ll explore other uses for this approach in later chapters too.

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