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Basic Grammar and Usage, 8th Edition by Penelope Choy

By Penelope Choy

Grasp the fundamentals of the English language with simple GRAMMAR AND utilization! overlaying the real principles of grammar, utilization, and syntax, this developmental English textual content will give you transparent motives and various examples that will help you be successful. workouts assist you improve your grammar and the book-specific site has grammar experiences that make sure that you grasp the fabric.

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Example text

He cried while she packed. Watch your spelling! ) The practice sentences below have multiple subjects and verbs, but they also include the other types of words you studied in Chapter 1. Before you try them, review that chapter quickly to remind yourself about adverbs and infinitives, which are never part of the verb, and about adjectives and possessives, which are not part of the subject. Underline verbs twice and subjects once. My uncles and aunts contribute to our family. The long road seemed to run on for miles and miles.

If the villagers are asked to explain their actions, they will only smile and shrug their shoulders. 21. In their opinion, their actions should be considered completely normal. 22. The villagers of Le Chambon have provided all of us with a very positive example of “normal” behavior! Main Verbs and Helping Verbs 41 Unit 1 Review Underline the subjects of the following sentences once and the complete verbs, including all helping verbs, twice. Remember to cross out prepositional phrases first. 1. Has anyone offered you “a penny for your thoughts” recently?

Some nations are better at producing happy people than others. 12. For example, the people of Denmark are very happy, but the citizens of Moldavia tend to be gloomy. 13. Although countries in Latin America are not rich, they are among the happiest places in the world. 22 Chapter 2 14. The key to their happiness lies in their close family ties. 15. Strong family relationships support people in times of trouble and give them opportunities to enjoy being together in happy times. 16. People vary tremendously from country to country in relating to one another.

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