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Autopsy Pathology: A Manual and Atlas, 3e by Andrew J Connolly MD PhD

By Andrew J Connolly MD PhD

A mainstay for pathology residents, Autopsy Pathology is designed with a uniquely mixed manual and atlas format that provides today’s such a lot entire insurance of appearing, analyzing, and reporting autopsy examinations. This lasting and invaluable clinical reference e-book bargains a practical, step by step approach to discussing not just the fundamentals of the forte, however the functionality of specialised post-mortem tactics as well.

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Box 3-7 lists some important components of a safety training program for employees exposed to formaldehyde. 30 In such circumstances, the body may contain a level of radiation that would result in a radiation exposure risk to autopsy staff. 1 ppm on an 8-Hour Time-Weighted Average Basis 1. Explanation of the OSHA standard and contents of the formaldehyde material safety data sheet (MSDA) 2. A description of the medical surveillance program including potential health hazards, signs and symptoms, and instructions to report the development of signs and symptoms the employee suspects are related to formaldehyde exposure 3.

The pathologist should drain potentially contaminated body fluids carefully first and immediately shield them for assay later. For example, in cases of 131I therapy, the blood, urine, and thyroid are radioactive. Highly radioactive fluids should be stored behind appropriate shields until they can be safely removed from the autopsy suite. After the body is opened, a second survey should be made to estimate the level of beta dose for 32P or other beta-emitting radionuclide. In cases of 131I administration, the thyroid gland may emit a sufficient gamma dose that it should not be touched by hand directly but rather removed with the aid of a long instrument.

If an ICD is present, the pathologist should discontinue the postmortem examination until the device is properly deactivated (Box 3-8). Because ICDs may explode if incinerated, they should never be discarded without special attention, and the disposition should be guided by either cardiology personnel or the manufacturer. Foreign Bodies and Occult Medical Devices Bullet Recovery Bullets may fragment on impact or may by design raise pointed edges on entering their target. In either case, the resulting deformation can produce sharp edges in shrapnel that present a risk for injury to those who remove or handle it.

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