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Atari Basic by Bob Albrecht, LeRoy Finkel, Jerald R. Brown

By Bob Albrecht, LeRoy Finkel, Jerald R. Brown

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Have you made any typing mistakes yet? In case you should make a typing error, BASIC has a dandy way of fixing it. Watch while we make a typing error. We type: PTINT "DENTIST APPOINTMENT TODAY" It types: ERROR- PTINT CjDENTIST APPOINTMENT TODAY" We misspelled PRINT, so the computer doesn't know what we want. However, if we had noticed that we hit T when we meant to hit R, we could have corrected our mistake by using the DELETE BACK S key. Each time we press this key, the cursor moves back (to the left) one space and erases the character in that space.

0000000000 1 (0 Ordinary notation GE'ITING STARTED 33 34. Write each "ordinary" number in AT ARI BASIC floating point notation. ) Note: the numbers in (g) and (h) are written in scientific notation commonly used · in mathematics and science. 67E-ll Mantissa truncated to 9 digits Mantissa truncated to 9 digits 35. Perhaps you have heard of the ancient story of the wise person who did a great service for a wealthy king. The king asked this person what reward would be appropriate. The person's request was simple.

What does the following statement tell the computer to do? PRINT23+45 ____________~-------------------------- 10. 11. Indicate which of the following numerical expressions are valid, as written, in BASIC. 567 _(d) 3"2+4"2 _ (e) 1 37 - 29 - (f) (l + 7/ 10W - (g) 2"2"2 For each invalid numerical expression in problem 10, write a valid BASIC numerical expression. _ _ _ _--:-_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ I GETTING STARTED I 12. ;les above the operation symbols . (a) (c) (e) (g) (i) (k) (m) 13. (b) (d) (f) (h) (j) (1) (n) QQ QQ 2 / 3 / 4 QQ 2-3*4 QQ 2 t 3 * 4 QQ 2 t 3 / 4 QQ 2 t 3 t 4 QQQQQ 2 * 3 - 4 t 3 + 5 t 2 2 * 3 * 4 For each numerical expression, show the order of operations by putting numbers 1, 2, 3, and so on, in the circles above the operation.

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