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Astronomy Made Simple by Kevin B. Marvel Ph.D.

By Kevin B. Marvel Ph.D.

See the skies in an entire new gentle. Take a travel of the universe, from our neighborhood sunlight process to the a ways reaches of inner most area. Astronomy Made Simple bargains an entire advent to this technology, from its start in precedent days to the differing kinds of super-powerful telescopes scientists use this day. additionally it is exact directions on tips on how to map the celebs and comprehend the coordinate process, in addition to enjoyable sidebars, principles for tasks for additional studying, and assets for the coed or the beginner astronomer.

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They also believed (incorrectly) that the Sun was at the center of the universe and that Earth and other planets moved around the Sun. There is no recorded evidence supporting these facts in ancient Indian texts, however. They simply accepted these ideas on faith as the foundation of their understanding of the universe. The formulation of theories about the origin and change over time of the entire universe is known as cosmology. Indian cosmology was revolutionary in that it tried to connect the movements of the planets and stars with a working model of the universe.

Declination and right ascension are coordinates projected outward onto the sky, as if it were the inside of a giant celestial sphere, which is an imaginary sphere above Earth that appears to hold all the planets (Fig. 11). Right ascension is similar to longitude in that it measures positions east or west of the point on the celestial equator where the Sun appears to be on the vernal equinox. Declination measures positions north or south of the celestial equator, which is the projection of Earth’s equator outward onto the celestial sphere, just as latitude measures positions north or south of the equator on Earth.

Using his own approximation for the value of pi (the square root of 10; pi is usually represented as π), he determined that the Earth was about 36,000 km in circumference—not too far off the modern value of 40,075 km. Other than these two astronomers, much of ancient India’s contribution to early astronomy was mathematical, such as the development of the decimal system, including the use of zero and negative numbers, and contributions to algebra. China For millennia, Chinese culture was cut off from the rest of the world by the large central deserts of Asia, the cold northern plains of Siberia, and an immense ocean to the east.

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