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Associate Press. Sports Writing Handbook by Wilstein S

By Wilstein S

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The Facilitator's Book of Questions: Tools for Looking Together at Student and Teacher Work

This e-book of protocols is a vital software for facilitators of teams operating jointly to check pupil and instructor paintings. A follow-up to taking a look jointly at scholar paintings and Assessing scholar studying, this source considers the needs for undertaking collaborative evaluate and offers essentially the most potent suggestions for profitable collaboration.


Wer leichter und besser lernen will, ist hier genau richtig. Dieser TaschenGuide stellt Ihnen wirksame Strategien vor, um sich neues Wissen zu erschließen, zu merken und anzuwenden. Damit Sie in Prüfungen und anderen Stresssituationen erfolgreich bestehen. Nutzen Sie effektive Techniken, um sich neues Wissen anzueignen.

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Active reading Reading will be a crucial element of your study in higher education. In previous study your reading may well have been directed and supported by teachers and tutors, and this may continue to be the case for you now, initially at least, but there is a much greater expectation and requirement, if you are to be successful, to read more independently and more widely than you may have previously. Some say that there is an art to reading effectively at tertiary level. ’ (Disraeli, cited in The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations, 1981) Often the ability to read, that is, to decode the text on a page into understandable language, is taken as being all that needs to be accomplished.

If you have chosen mostly (c) your learning style is more kinaesthetic. Most of us have a blend of styles, not wholly in any of the three classifications. It is probably more unusual to have a style which is entirely in one, especially in this sort of assessment, which is not particularly thorough although it gives a reasonable indication. It can be very helpful to have some understanding of your own preferred style of learning. If you are aware of ways of working that suit you best then you can arrange for these conditions to be in place.

I couldn’t work without it. • Martin (18), Computer Science: I only work in one-hour blocks. I might do a few at a time but I set my phone alarm and always stop after an hour. I get a drink and walk around a bit … check for post or something like that. These comments and insights in some ways refer back to the question of learning styles, but some of them go beyond that. There are comments above which suggest that the frame of mind of a learner can have a big effect on how effectively they are able to work.

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