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Asbestos Essentials - Non-licensed task guidance for by HSE

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This sheet is NOT appropriate where the AIB is damaged, or may be damaged eg by 'rocking' the screws during cleaning. Use an HSE-licensed contractor for such work. See sheet em4 Using a Class H vacuum cleaner for asbestos when removing a screwed in fitting, and sheet a6 for minor damage repair. Preparing the work area ■ Ensure safe access. ■ Restrict access - minimise the number of people present. ■ Close doors. Use tape and notices to warn others. ■ Ensure adequate lighting. Equipment ■ 500-gauge polythene sheeting and duct tape.

Asbestos waste also includes contaminated building materials, tools that cannot be decontaminated, personal protective equipment and damp rags used for cleaning. If in doubt, always treat waste as 'Hazardous' or 'Special' - see the table for more details. You can discharge waste water that may be contaminated with traces of asbestos to the sewage system. 1% asbestos. The Hazardous Waste Regulations apply. Complete a Waste Consignment Note. Contact the Environment Agency for more information. 1% asbestos.

Personal decontamination ■ See sheet em8. Clearance and checking oft ■ Visually inspect the area to make sure that it has been cleaned properly. ■ Clearance air sampling is not normally required. ■ Get the premises owner, dutyholder or client to check off the job. 53 Asbestos essentials Drilling holes in asbestos cement (AC) and other highly bonded materials Non-licensed tasks ESSENTIAL INFORMATION Also read the following sheets in this book: em1 (p8) What to do if you uncover or damage materials that may contain asbestos What this sheet covers This sheet describes good practice when you need to drill holes in asbestos cement, bitumen products, floor tiles or other highly-bonded materials containing asbestos.

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