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Arqueología: agricultura aborigen antillana by ernesto e tabio

By ernesto e tabio

Arqueologia,agricultura aborigen antillana,por Ernesto e tabio,habana editorial de ciencias sociales,1989,primera edicion,caratulas originales,buen estado.monografia etnohistorica en los angeles cual se estudian los distintos sistemas de cultivo,mas evolucionados de l. a. denominada agricultura tropical.

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Evil fell upon the land, a great disturbance in the palace, disturbed . . ) . . there was no exit from the palace by the space of nine days. Now these nine days were in violence and tempest; none whether god or man could see the face of his fellow” (italics added). ” He departs to heaven. “Now when the majesty of Ra Harmachis [fought] with the evil-doers in this pool, the Place of the Whirlpool, the evil-doers prevailed not over his majesty. ” 26 3. The Exodus and the End of the Middle Kingdom of Egypt “The children of the dragon Apep (a Hyksos royal name), the evil-doers and of the red country came upon the road of At Nebes, invading Egypt at nightfall .

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