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Ancient Maya Political Dynamics by Antonia E. Foias

By Antonia E. Foias

"An extraordinary assessment of contemporary scholarship coupled with the result of a long term study undertaking on the website and area of Motul de San José. It contributes considerably to the anthropological literature on politics and power." --Daniela Triadan, coeditor of Burned Palaces and Elite apartments of Aguateca

"A lengthy past due and especially welcome piece of scholarly paintings. It synthesizes, digests, and makes on hand the result of the large increase in political reports within the Maya region that has happened within the final two decades by reason of speedy glyph decipherment, elevated archaeological info, and extra subtle theoretical modeling." --Eleanor M. King, Howard University

The learn of politics, a dominating strength all through background, provides nice perception into the lives of historical humans. end result of the richness and complexity of Maya society, archaeologists and anthropologists have spent a long time trying to reconstruct its political systems. 
In Ancient Maya Political Dynamics, Antonia Foias argues that there's no unmarried Maya political background yet a number of histories, no unmarried Maya kingdom yet a number of polities that have to be understood on the point of the lived, person adventure. She explores the ways that the dynamics of political strength formed the lives and panorama of the Maya and the way this data can be utilized to examine different complicated societies.

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I agree with Pauketat (2000) and Joyce (2004) that when social scientists examine the reasons for the evolution of complex societies (such as chiefdoms and states), we assign too much intentionality to long-term processes when in reality, the human agents who made changes in their daily practices would not have had in mind such long-term objectives or consequences. Thus, to understand the rise of inequality, we need to focus on daily practices of human agents rather than on the intentions of individuals to form reified proto-institutions that later become states governments.

Mesoamerica is a culture area that stretches from central Mexico to central Honduras and northwestern Costa Rica. Within this area, societies have interacted over thousands of years to such a degree that they share many core cultural principles. 7. An E-Group is an architectural complex consisting of a pyramid on the west side of the plaza and an elongated rectangular platform with three small superstructures on the east side of the plaza. 8. Some Late Preclassic stelae include images of early “rulers,” but there is some debate whether these are human or supernatural.

2004), and Lopez Varela and Foias (2005) provide a comprehensive overview of the variability and complexity of the processes involved in the collapse across the Maya lowlands. 10 It is possible that population movements from the southern Maya lowlands into the Yucatan and highlands were part of this transition, as myths about migrations by different ethnic groups are common among the Postclassic Mayas (see, for example, the migrations of the Peten Itza in Jones 1998; Rice and Rice 2009). Furthermore, rapid population growth at both Uxmal and Chichen Itza in Yucatan support such migrations (Dunning 1992; Schmidt 2007).

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