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Almost Ring Theory by Ofer Gabber, Lorenzo Ramero

By Ofer Gabber, Lorenzo Ramero

This publication develops thorough and whole foundations for the strategy of virtually etale extensions, that's on the foundation of Faltings' method of p-adic Hodge idea. The relevant concept is that of an "almost ring". virtually jewelry are the commutative unitary monoids in a tensor type got as a quotient V-Mod/S of the class V-Mod of modules over a set ring V; the subcategory S involves all modules annihilated by means of a set excellent m of V, pleasing yes average conditions.

The reader is thought to be conversant in normal express notions, a few simple commutative algebra and a few complicated homological algebra (derived different types, simplicial methods). except those basic necessities, the textual content is as self-contained as attainable. One novel characteristic of the booklet - in comparison with Faltings' past therapy - is the systematic exploitation of the cotangent complicated, particularly for the examine of deformations of virtually algebras.

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Then Ker(π) + L is a finitely generated submodule of Ker(pλ ◦π) containing m20 ·Ker(pλ ◦π). 10. 18. Let 0 → M → M → M → 0 be an exact sequence of Amodules. Then: (i) If M , M are almost finitely generated (resp. presented) then so is M . (ii) If M is almost finitely presented, then M is almost finitely presented if and only if M is almost finitely generated. (iii) If M is almost finitely generated and M is almost finitely presented, then M is almost finitely generated. Proof. 12(iii), or proved directly.

By assumption, the natural map kA → kB is a quasi-isomorphism and m ⊗V B!! B! On the other hand, for all i ∈ N we have !! TorA i (kB , C!! ) !! TorA i (kA , C!! ) H −i (kA ⊗A!! C!! ) = H −i (kC ). In particular TorA i (kB , C!! ) = 0 for all i > 1. As m is flat over V , we have A!! m ⊗V Ti Tori (m ⊗V B!! , C!! ).

I): Let M be an almost finitely generated A-module, and m0 ⊂ m a finitely generated subideal. Choose a finitely generated subideal m1 ⊂ m such that m0 ⊂ m31 ; by hypothesis, there exist A-modules M and M , where M is finitely generated, and morphisms f : M → M , g : M → M whose kernels and cokernels are annihilated by m1 . We get morphisms m1 ⊗V M → Im(g) and m1 ⊗V Im(g) → M hence a composed morphism φ : m1 ⊗V m1 ⊗V M → M ; it is easy to check that Coker(f ◦ φ) is annihilated by m31 , hence M0 := Im(f ◦ φ) will do.

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