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Alfa Romeo Alfetta 1973-87 all Models Inc. GTV 1570cc, by Peter G. Strasman

By Peter G. Strasman

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2 Unbolt and remove the oil pump. 3 Before installing the oil pump. first turn the crankshaft to bring No 1 piston to TDC on its compression stroke. To make sure that it is the compression stroke. either remove No 1 spark plug and place a finger over the hole to feel the compression berg generated. or if the cam cover is removed. cam lobes are both facing outwards. Continue turning the crankshaft until the pulley/front cover timing marks are in alignment. 4 Set the distributor rotor arm so that it is slightly in advance of No 1 contact in the distributor cap (distributor shaft turns clockwise).

2 The system is basically a method of extracting oil and fuel vapours out of the camshaft cover and into the air cleaner, where they are drawn into the combustion chambers and are burned during the normal engine combustion processes. 3 The vapours occur through gas passing the piston rings into the engine crankcase (blow-by). and vapour occurring generally throughout the engine due to raising the temperature of the engine oil when the engine is operating . 4 The system has an inbuilt control arrangement to regulate gas flow both at wide throttle openings and at idle.

9 Reconnect the gear lever selector link rod, and refit the dustexcluding bellows to the gearchange lever support. '0 Refit the heat shield to the left-hand engine mounting and then bolt up the exhaust front section. 14 Main carburettor control link rod (arrowed) 11 Reconnect the lead to the coolant temperature switch (photo). 12 Connect the tachometer drive cable to the coolant pump (earlier models only). 13 Connect the brake vacuum servo hose and the heater hose to the intake manifold (photo).

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