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Africa. An Encyclopedia for Students. Sadat - Zulu & Index by John Middleton

By John Middleton

Supplying a entire examine the continent of Africa and the international locations that contain it, this booklet describes its peoples and cultures, tune and artwork, alternate and financial system, vacations and gala's, tribal teams, ecology, faith, fossil and skeleton discoveries, the land and its background, artwork and structure and way of life. It examines Africa from prehistoric instances to the current day.

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The rest of the population consists mostly of other West African groups. africa_vol4 1/14/03 12:28 PM Page 27 Slave Trade * tribute payment made by a smaller or weaker party to a more powerful one, often under the threat of force Slave Slave Trade Trade Political relations in Sierra Leonean society have traditionally revolved around who receives and who provides tribute*. The tribute takers have usually been those in power, who are also responsible for distributing wealth and ensuring the fertility of the land and people.

Shaka forced the surviving males of defeated groups to join the Zulu army. He also required conquered people to pay tribute*, which greatly increased his wealth and made the Zulu the most powerful group in the region. Shaka’s wars and invasions were a disaster to those he conquered. His rule also brought violence and hardship to his own people, and in 1828 several Zulu leaders murdered Shaka. ) I saiah Shembe was a ZULU prophet who founded his own church in the early 1900s. As a young man Shembe experienced a dramatic conversion that led him to give up worldly things and become a wandering preacher and healer.

Those taken were marched to the coast and held in captivity until a European slave ship arrived. African slaves became part of a highly profitable commercial network that is often called the triangle trade. On the first leg of the triangle, ships carried European manufactured goods such as cloth and cheap guns to Africa to be exchanged for slaves. The second leg of the triangle, known as the Middle Passage, took the enslaved Africans to the Americas. The majority of them ended up on sugar plantations on the island colonies of the Caribbean.

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