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Advanced assessment: interpreting findings and formulating by Mary Jo Goolsby EdD MSN ANP-C CAE FAANP, Laurie Grubbs

By Mary Jo Goolsby EdD MSN ANP-C CAE FAANP, Laurie Grubbs PhD MSN ANP-C

AJN 2006 Award WinnerUnique in its procedure, this new booklet takes clients past the id of actual evaluation abnormalities to reach at a differential analysis of the patient's sickness. Readers tips on how to contain actual exam, sufferer historical past, and diagnostic stories to correctly analysis a patient's problem.

Incorporates info at the interpretation of review findings

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Biopsy will reveal characteristic features. XANTHOMAS (PLATE 32) Xanthomas are reflective of lipid metabolism and are caused by accumulations of lipid-laden macrophages in the skin. Signs and Symptoms. There may be a family history of similar lesions and/or a history of hyperlipidemia or heart, thyroid, or liver disorders. The lesion is asymptomatic. The color ranges from flesh to yellow. The distribution includes the area surrounding the eyes, including the eyelids, and the extensor areas of the elbows, knees, and elbows.

Diagnostic Studies. None needed. Culture may be performed. Pustules Pustules are lesions that are filled with purulent fluid. The cause is typically infectious. Copyright © 2006 F. A. Davis. Skin 21 ACNE VULGARIS Acne vulgaris affects most people at some time during their life. The multifactorial condition affects the sebaceous follicles. Signs and Symptoms. The lesions may be tender. The areas most frequently involved include the face and the upper trunk. Patients with moderate acne commonly exhibit a range of lesions, including pustules.

Identify any recent exposures to others who have been ill and/or who have had obvious skin problems that might have been contracted. Many medications affect the skin, and a list of all prescribed and over-the-counter agents should be obtained, including herbal and nutritional supplements. Table 2-1 includes a nonexhaustive list of medications with potential adverse skin effects. Finally, ask the patient how he or she generally tolerates exposure to the elements, such as heat, cold, and sun, to determine whether environmental exposure is responsible for or may contribute to the patient’s complaint.

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