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Ace the TOEFL Essay (TWE): Everything You Need for the Test by Timothy Avants

By Timothy Avants

Every little thing you must write the TOEFL essay with self assurance. And the essay, sometimes called the attempt of Written English, is the toughest a part of the test-one that retains many attempt takers from succeeding. Ace the TOEFL Essay (TWE) promises uncomplicated and transparent guide on what you must comprehend to attain good and offers actual essay samples so you might relate to. you will get the lowdown on what you must rating excessive in an easy-to-understand structure, with every thing from classes on punctuation to genuine pattern essays, plus greater than 50 pages of workouts. within you will DISCOVER:How to put in writing the essayA whole crash path in grammar10 genuine pattern essaysStudy routines to hone your skillsAnd a lot more!Don't allow the essay stand among you and the ranking you will want. Ace the TOEFL Essay (TWE) is the source you must take on the main hard element of the TOEFL.

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S–V–c/c–S–V / Sub. S–V After the game, we went to the store, but we came home / when it began to rain. Explanation: If you have an IC, and something is to the left of the subject, and it’s not an article, and it’s not an adjective, set it off with a comma. Here, the word game fits that description. So, we put a comma after the word game, because game is a noun. We put a comma before but, because but is a c/c that links two ICs. Looking at the DC, when fits the description at the beginning of our explanation.

That is John’s and Tom’s cat. ) That is John and Tom’s cat. ) Sentence Fragments The most common mistake with fragments is simply not attaching an afterthought to an IC. I went to the store. After the game. Wrong! Or After the game. I went to the store. Wrong! As we mentioned earlier, a clause must be able to stand alone in good form and be a grammatically complete structure to be an IC. A sentence fragment like this is like a grown kid. He is big enough to do what he wants, but he always comes home and asks for money; therefore, he is not actually independent at all.

Fortunately, movies give us that option, but it requires diligence. Note to Reader: Count your sentences. Look at the length and the pattern. Compare this essay to the outline in the sections on pods. There is a causal chain, but we wrote in depth about only two of the four points; moreover, the causal chain acted as your transitional statement between the introduction and the first paragraph in the body. Therefore, we still have only four sentences in the introduction. TOEFL Internals flowed 7/13/07 3:35 PM Page 49 SAMPLE 2 49 Sample Essays Essay #2 Question: Compare and contrast learning by doing to learning by reading.

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