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Abhinavagupta: The Kula Ritual As Elaborated in Chapter 29 by John R. Dupuche

By John R. Dupuche

During this work,he describes many of the tantras and areas in their apex the main severe of them, the Kula ritual. It additionally presents a translation of Jayaratha's observation. the Kula ritual leads the practitioner to extra exalted phases of mantras to arrive the top point of awareness, the "mantravyapti", the pervasion of the chant. the person that understands this pervasion is a Bhairava..

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He complains that while the factors which determine the life of mankind are very various, historians select from them only some single aspect, say the political or the economic, and represent it as primary, as the efficient cause of social change; but then, what of religion, what of ‘spiritual’ factors, and the many other aspects – a ­literally countless multiplicity – with which all events are endowed? 001 per cent of the elements which actually constitute the real history of peoples’? History, as it is normally written, usually represents ‘political’ – public – events as the most important, while spiritual – ‘inner’ – events are largely forgotten; yet prima facie it is they – the ‘inner’ events – that are the most real, the most immediate experience of human beings; they, and only they, are what life, in the last analysis, is made of; hence the routine political historians are talking shallow nonsense.

And in a sense Tolstoy does try to do this, particularly when he is philosophising, as in the great public scenes of the novel itself, the battle pieces, the descriptions of the movements of peoples, the metaphysical disquisitions. But, on the other hand, he also does the exact opposite of this when he contrasts with this panorama of public life the superior value of personal experience, when he contrasts the concrete and multicoloured reality of individual lives with the pale abstractions of scientists or historians, particularly the latter, ‘from Gibbon to Buckle’,1 whom he denounces so harshly for mistaking their own empty categories for real facts.

Having made himself Emperor he again went to kill masses of people in Italy, Austria and Prussia. And there too he killed a great many. Now in Russia there was the Emperor Alexander, who decided to re-establish order in Europe, and therefore fought wars with Napoleon. But The Hedgehog and the Fox • 25 in the year ’07 he suddenly made friends with him, and in the year ’11 quarrelled with him again, and they both again began to kill a great many people. And Napoleon brought six hundred thousand men to Russia and conquered Moscow.

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