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Abelian Groups, Rings and Modules: Agram 2000 Conference by Andrei V. Kelarev, R. Gobel, K. M. Rangaswamy, P. Schultz,

By Andrei V. Kelarev, R. Gobel, K. M. Rangaswamy, P. Schultz, C. Vinsonhaler

This quantity offers the court cases from the convention on Abelian teams, jewelry, and Modules (AGRAM) held on the collage of Western Australia (Perth). incorporated are articles in accordance with talks given on the convention, in addition to a number of in particular invited papers. The lawsuits are devoted to Professor Laszlo Fuchs. The e-book features a tribute and a evaluation of his paintings by way of his long-time collaborator, Professor Luigi Salce. 4 surveys from best specialists keep on with Professor Salce's article.They current contemporary effects from lively study parts: blunders correcting codes as beliefs in workforce earrings, duality in module different types, automorphism teams of abelian teams, and generalizations of isomorphism in torsion-free abelian teams. as well as those surveys, the amount comprises 22 learn articles in assorted components hooked up with the topics of the convention. The components mentioned contain abelian teams and their endomorphism jewelry, modules over quite a few jewelry, commutative and non-commutative ring concept, forms of teams, and topological facets of algebra. The publication bargains a entire resource for contemporary learn during this energetic quarter of research

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