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A Transnational Analysis of Representations of the US by Andreas Beer

By Andreas Beer

This publication investigates how the stumble upon among the U.S. filibuster excursion in 1855-1857 and Nicaraguans used to be imagined in either nations. the writer examines transnational media and provides exact emphasis to hitherto overlooked courses just like the bilingual newspaper El Nicaraguense. The examine analyzes filibusters’ direct effect on their representations and the way those shape the root for well known collective stories and educational discourses.

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At a time when the US fashioned itself as a distinctly white, Protestant, AngloSaxon nation, a mass incorporation of Latino people would have diluted this notion of a ‘pure race’ and nation. What would happen with an enormous influx of people that came with another religion, different customs and a darker skin color? Some expansionists solved this problem by propagating the idea that all races would be absorbed peacefully by the white AngloSaxons,65 but in the 1850s and in the aftermath of the enormous territorial gains of the US-Mexican War, the case did not seem to be so clear.

4. Edward W. com/ doc/20909749/Edward-Said-Representations-of-the-Intellectual 5. These are the ones I am aware of, many of which formed the basis for this study. There surely are sundry others in countries and languages I am oblivious to. 6. José David Saldívar, Trans-Americanity. Subaltern Modernities, Global Coloniality, and the Cultures of Greater Mexico, New Americanists (Durham: Duke University Press, 2012); Aims McGuinness, Path of Empire. Panama and the California Gold Rush, The United States in the World (Ithaca, NY: Cornell Univ.

Especially with regard to the enforcement of existing laws, Washington attempted its best to prohibit filibusters from leaving the US, regularly circulating information about supposed filibuster vessels to port authorities and also regularly sending law enforcement officers and the army after filibusters who had broken the law. Army officers with their reliance or federal paychecks and their professional ethos specifically regarded the filibusters as a serious nuisance. With this attitude, though, the army was a minority; a huge portion of the US population regarded the filibusters as heroes of expansionism.

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