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A theorem of Eliashberg and Thurston on foliations and by Carlo Petronio

By Carlo Petronio

Those notes originate from a seminar held in Pisa in November and December 1996 together through Riccardo Benedetti, Paolo Lisca and me. the purpose of those notes is to offer a close facts of the next outcome as a result of Eliashberg and Thurston: THM enable M be a closed orientated 3-manifold and allow F be a cooriented C2-smooth codimension-1 foliation on M. think that (M,F) isn't really diffeomorphic to the product foliation on S2xS1. Then arbitrarily on the subject of F within the C0 topology there exist a good and a unfavorable C\infty touch constitution.

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In the substantive area, it was primarily the geographers who made excursions into psychology and who developed the first lines of contact between the disciplines. Just as in the substantive area, much of the early methodological contact between geography and psychology was in the form of imitation and borrowing of methods from psychology by geographers. During the 1950s, correlation and regression analysis dominated human geography, and, though some of their models came from economics, in many cases the methods were introduced by geographers who had been xxxii I Golledge exposed to statistics courses in psychology departments.

Item 45 ad Basileam. Item 18 ad Ulmam. Item 24 ad Heidelberg. Item 32 ad Magunciam. Item 28 ad Francfordiam super Mogano. Item 60 ad Coloniam. Item 100 ad Parisius. Item 70 ad Jeng in Sabaudia. Item 20 ad Augustam. Item 13 ad Ingelstat. SOURCE: Brussels, Bibliotheque Royale, MS. Inv. 1022-1047,f. 205v, col. 2; copied ca. D. 1440 by Paulus de Gherisheym. TABLE 2 Distances from the Brussels Manuscript Nurenberg Vienna Passau Salzburg Prague Munich Ingolstadt Bratislava Basel Regensburg Augsburg Nu Vi Pa Sa Pr Mu In Br Ba Re Au 0 68 32 34 36 24 13 74 45 14 20 68 0 36 44 36 — — 48 96 - 32 36 0 14 32 — — — — 18 - 34 44 14 0 19 — — — - 36 36 32 — 0 — — — — - 24 — — 19 — 0 11 — — — - 13 — — — — 11 0 — — — 9 74 48 — — — — 0 — — - 45 96 — — — — — — 0 — - 14 — 18 _ — — _ 20 — — — 0 — — _ — — 9 0 Current optimal surveying design would attempt to distribute the observations so that the error ellipses are all circles of the same size (and small, of course), using a minimal, but adequately redundant, number of measurements.

And E. Grafarend, 1973. "Optimal Design of Geodetic Nets," Journal of Geophysical Research, 78, 5887. 4. Brown, L. , 1949. The Story of Maps. Boston: Little, Brown and Company. 5. , 1971. The Roman Land Surveyors. Newton Abbot: David and Charles. 6. Golledge, R. , and G. Rushton, 1972. Multidimensional Scaling: Review and Geographical Applications. : Association of American Geographers, Commission on College Geography, Technical Paper #100. 7. , 1974. "Optimization of Geodetic Networks," Bolletino di Geodesia e Scienze Affini, 33, 351.

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