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A Students' Guide to Piaget by D. G. Boyle (Auth.)

By D. G. Boyle (Auth.)

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If a child is asked to construct on the floor a tower of building bricks to equal in height one constructed by the experimenter on a table, and which he is prevented from visually comparing by a screen placed in his line of sight, he shows a number of stages in the development of his ability to make his tower of the required height. These range from trying to hold his hands at the same distance apart as he walks from one tower to the other, through using his body as a measuring instrument, then using a long stick and marking off the height of the experimenter's tower.

T o put it another way, in imitation the baby behaves as if he were Sensorimotor Phase and Pre-operational Thinking someone else, thus accommodating himself; in play the baby treats different objects in intrinsically the same way, thus assimilating new objects to existing schemata. In practice the distinction is not easily made, as children often imitate for fun. 6. Stage of invention of new means through mental combinations The great advance of this stage is the baby's powers of representing the world by mental images or (to use Tolman's term) by "cognitive maps".

24-25) about operational definitions and meaning, and then ask ourselves what precisely is meant by saying that the quantity remains the same. What this means, in operational terms, is that if we poured the liquid back into the original vessel (taking care to spill none and ensuring that none was added), the level that it reached would be exactly Sensorimotor Phase and Pre-operational Thinking what it was before. In other words, our understanding of the meaning of the question involves the possibility of reversing the action to return to our starting point.

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