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A Pictorial History Of The Brown Water War In Vietnam by Riverine

By Riverine

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The National Security Act of 1947 created an independent air force on September 18, 1947. S. Air Force, but many of the service’s senior leaders, especially Gen. Curtis E. LeMay, resented that fact. To LeMay, Gen. Hoyt S. Vandenberg, and others, [ 23 ] striving for air superiority TAC’s major command status “was a reminder of its former subordinate status [to the army] and a threat to its future independence. ” 8 The air force’s senior leaders did little to hide their feelings of contempt for tactical aviation from Congress and from the American public.

30 Moreover, “‘The MiGs were a [expletive] severe threat! ’” 31 The MiG-17 Fresco A, which was basically a refined MiG-15, used an improved VK-1A turbojet engine, but featured a thinner wing with rounded wingtips. 5 degrees. The MiG-17 thus was often referred to as the “Sickle” wing. The Fresco’s fuselage was four feet longer than the Fagot’s, and it also had larger tail surfaces. Lastly, the MiG-17 wing included a third wing fence to better control span-wise flow at high angles of attack. 32 Because its maneuvering ability was still relatively poor at high Mach numbers, many observers mistakenly believed that the MiG17 ailerons were not hydraulically boosted, but the Fresco control surfaces were assisted by the BU-1U hydraulic boost system.

In order to increase its share of funds in the New Look defense policy, TAC had to evolve into a miniature version of SAC. By 1959, only a few people, such as Gen. Matthew B. Ridgway and Gen. Maxwell Taylor, openly opposed the idea of massive retaliation as America’s primary military policy. ” 28 The air force, however, virtually ignored Ridgway, Taylor, and Weyland. In the month following Weyland’s testimony before Congress, the senior editor of Air Force Magazine opined: There have been some witnesses in recent weeks who argue that our total kill capability is too great and there is not enough emphasis on the less-than-total capability.

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