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A notional theory of syntactic categories by John M. Anderson

By John M. Anderson

This ebook offers an cutting edge concept of syntactic different types and the lexical periods they outline. It revives the conventional concept that those are to be exceptional notionally (semantically). It allows there to be peripheral individuals of a lexical category that can now not evidently agree to the overall definition. the writer proposes a notation according to semantic positive factors which bills for the syntactic behaviour of periods. The booklet additionally offers a case for contemplating this class - back in quite conventional vein - to be simple to identifying the syntactic constitution of sentences. Syntactic constitution is therefore erected in a truly limited model, with out recourse to stream or empty components.

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19) a. Mamo'kma he-is-working b. i the-working Cf. 4. 2. Let us be clear that what is at issue is the lexical recognition of categorial distinctions; whether there are classes of words limited to one or other category. g. Blake 1987: 9), wherein normally a 'noun used as a verb' will be derivationally marked. 17b), requires, as with other languages, reference to a distinction between predicator and argument, and not all arguments are names/ pronouns. In Ilocano, for instance, the formulation of word-order patterns depends on such, the basic pattern being: predicator (+ argument(s)), where 26 Fundamentals of a notional theory arguments are riot limited to 'pronouns' but may involve members of the class of 'full words', whose members also occur as predicators.

15) The car was destroyed by vandals is a converted noun, a derived name: it is associated with a determiner that is not given independent expression (cf. 5). In some languages, names/pronouns and nouns show more gross distributional differences. 's death'), while noun genitives are restricted to postnominal position (Der Tod des Freundes 'the friend's death') - see Anderson 1987b. Interestingly, as again pointed out to me by Roger Bohm, prenominal genitives include kinship terms used as names, as in Opas Besuch 'Granddad's visit'.

Primary arguments participate in predications by virtue of providing the value to satisfy the (unmarked) valency of functors. Roger Bohm (personal communication) points out that this can be regarded as providing the rationale for the 'case filter' on overt or 'lexical' NPs of Chomsky (1981: 49), for example: Case filter *NP if NP has no phonetic content and has no Case The alleged distribution of lexical NPs vis-a-vis 'abstract case' reflects the necessarily functor-complementing character of primary arguments.

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