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A Handbook of English Grammar by Reinard Willem Zandvoort

By Reinard Willem Zandvoort

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WITH INFINITIVE 53. It was said in 37 that the accusative with infinitive usually 1After to be supposed in this sense other infinitives may occur besides to be (43). 2Oxford English Dictionary (abbrev. v. ' 5 b. Cf. 32. 21 depends on a preceding verb. In English it may also depend on a INFINITIVE noun or an adjective, especially when these are used predicatively; it may even be used independently (56). In this case it is preceded by for. Other languages mostly use a dependent clause. It became the custom for people to go out of town for the week-end.

Cf. Sweet, A New English Grammar, Part II, Syntax, § 2326. a. Going to fairs and markets was one of his favourite pastimes. b. I have not been to Americt)but to go there is one of my ambitions. Compare also the two following quotations: We moved off silently. I was inaudibly cursing the pawang,1who had made drawing back impossible for me,2long before we reached the appointed spot. Climbing into the tree was not as difficult as walking: it was soon over, and one could choose where one's weight came on the foot.

See above); He denied having seen her before; I could not help being impressed. 2. : goings-on (229), listening-in, sleeping out. 3. The gerund' is frequently used after as well as (= besides): The author describes four different styles of standard English pronunciation, as well as including a text with dialogue in Cockney. 68. After a number of other verbs and verbal phrases either the gerund or the infinitive may occur. The principal are:2to begin, to cease, to continue, to dislike, to dread, to fear, (I)annot or could not forbear' to hate, to intend, to like, to love, to neglect, to prefer, to propose, to purpose ['pa:pas], to recollect, to remember, to start, to try, it's (of) no use.

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